Family Adventure to the Summit of Maunganui

Saturday 26th November 2016, 2 - 5pm

Date and Start Time: Sat 26 November – 2pm
Duration: 3 hours
Start Location: Awaawaroa Rd
Fullers Ferry: 12pm, private transport only
Grade: Hard (kids)

Come adventuring with the Kiwi Conservation Club (KCC) and Rob Thorne to Maunganui, the highest point of the Island. Tread gently through the ngahere bush where the patupaiarehe fairies live, and venture to the highest point to take in the panoramic views and a special taonga puoro performance by Rob. On private land, this is a rare opportunity indeed. Bring good footwear, wet weather gear if needed, snacks and water.

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island

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