About The Festival

The Waiheke Walking Festival is a fantastic, FREE, nine day event that takes place in November every year.

With approximately fifty walks covering a range of topics, terrain and duration there really is something for almost every age and fitness level. Our wonderful team of guides and volunteers ensure your Waiheke Walking Festival experience is one that will want you coming back year after year – we know a lot of you do!

The Waiheke Walking Festival has as its goals to:

  • Promote Waiheke Island as a walking destination
  • Encourage both locals and visitors to be active by enjoying the incredible network of tracks that are weaved throughout Waiheke.
  • Providing opportunities for both locals and visitors to enjoy areas of private land that are not open to the public outside of the Waiheke Walking Festival.
  • Share the stories of the people and the land of Waiheke and why we must nurture our precious environment.

The Waiheke Walking Trust

The 2017 Waiheke Walking Festival will be delivered by the newly formed Waiheke Walking Trust, a charitable trust developed for the primary purpose of ensuring the Waiheke Walking Festival continues to be a successful event with strong governance and financial security.

The Waiheke Walking Trust thanks the Hauraki Gulf Conservation Trust who governed the Festival from 2013 to 2016 for all they have done to nurture and grow the Festival to date.

Please go to The Festival Team page for information about each Trustee.


Waiheke Local Board

If council and previous Waiheke Community Boards had not had the vision, commitment and drive to create the Te Ara Hura walkway network of over 100km of trails, beaches and roadways that loop the entire Island, a festival like this would not be possible.

We thank the Waiheke Local Board for the lasting legacy they have created with this magnificent public resource and for their financial contribution towards the costs of delivering the Waiheke Walking Festival each year.


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